Hero image Bill Drayton Sotokoto 11-07 - Credit Yusuke Abe
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Interview with Bill Drayton

19 May 2015
Caroline Hartnell

1 Laurence Lien hero image
interview 1 May 2015 For Subscribers

Interview with Laurence Lien

32 Cover photo
feature 2 March 2015

Why do dictators lock up the poets first?

40 Hero image oscar peterson - credit Heinrich Klaffs
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Is access to art a human right?

Chalet du Mont d’Arbois, where the first two ERFIP meetings were held. Photo by Philippe Schaff.
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Harnessing the voice of Global South philanthropists: interview with Firoz Ladak

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EFC conference 2015: a growing sense of urgency in a critical year

28 May 2015
Caroline Hartnell

A sense of urgency ran through the opening plenary of the 26th European Foundation Centre (EFC) annual conference, held in Milan last week (20-22 May). ‘Can we afford the luxury …

Peter Laugharn Named Chief Executive of Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

27 May 2015
Alliance magazine

For the first time in its 70-year history the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation will be led by an executive who was not a close associate of Mr. Hilton or his …

Of exposed pregnant stomachs: images/depictions of philanthropy in the 21st century

27 May 2015
Tendai Murisa

One of the challenges that I have always faced in my close to 15 years working in the philanthropy or development space has been the use of images that appropriately …


Interview with Ridgway White

interview Caroline Hartnell 2 February 2015

At the start of this year, Ridgway White became fourth president of the Mott Foundation, taking over in that role from his father, Bill White, who nevertheless remains actively involved …

Hero image currencypile_business_desk

Should we be afraid?

article Andrew Milner 19 January 2015

At the end of last October, David Callahan, editor of the Inside Philanthropy blog, posted his five ‘scariest’ trends in philanthropy. Callahan’s ‘trends’ all relate to philanthropy in the US. …

Christian Jacobs with Michael Meaney

Interview with Christian Jacobs

interview Christian Jacobs 5 January 2015

Twenty-five years ago, in 1989, Klaus Jacobs, the founder of many leading global companies such as Jacobs Suchard, Adecco and Barry Callebaut, established, together with his family, the Jacobs Foundation …