Lead image: The European Learning Lab, an annual learning event organized by the European Foundation Centre and Fondazione Cariplo, brings foundation professionals together to improve practice.
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Is there such a thing as a ‘career in philanthropy’? Absolutely

15 June 2015
John Harvey

Thanks to the Biomimicry Institute, we appreciate that our species is anything but unique in its reliance on feedback. Perhaps few feedback loops are as striking as that between acacia trees and giraffes.
feature 1 June 2015

Feedback as democracy in social change practice

Tostan’s human rights education programme in West Africa is most famous for significant reductions in female genital cutting.
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Is Constituent Voice a proxy for randomized controlled trials?

Credit: Brennan Cavanaugh.
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Civic solutions: a new era for citizen feedback

Eric Berseth is standing at the front of the boat. Benjamin Bechet
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How far can the banks go on their own?

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Impact investing – what we’ve learnt

30 June 2015
Eibhlin Ni Ogain

Two and a half years ago, we launched Nesta Impact  Investments, a fund that aims to scale innovative solutions to the UK’s most challenging social issues.  We want to see …

Foreign currency and corruption laws inadvertently impede philanthropy, report finds

29 June 2015
Alliance magazine

Foreign currency and anti-corruption regulations, which aim to increase transparency, cause delays and bottlenecks in philanthropic funding around the world, according to the Index of Philanthropic Freedom 2015. These rules, …

Philanthropy’s Difficult Dance With Inequality

29 June 2015
Foundation Center and Bradford Smith

America’s foundations do not easily use the word “inequality.” This may seem surprising in the wake of the Ford Foundation’s recent announcement that it will refocus 100 percent of its …

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Foundations and the SDGs: the ‘conspicuous absentees’ speak out

article Andrew Milner and Caroline Hartnell 16 March 2015

The philanthropic community has been ‘conspicuously absent from the SDG debate’, according to Kevin Watkins of the UK’s Overseas Development Institute, writing in the March 2015 issue of Alliance. However, …

32 Cover photo

Why do dictators lock up the poets first?

feature Fiona Ellis and Hania Aswad 2 March 2015

Why should philanthropists fund the arts? Some have argued that as art is of lesser importance than basics like food, shelter, health and so forth, there is no justification for …

Hero image Syrian Kurdish refugees cross the border into Turkey

What can philanthropy do for Syria?

article Mark Freeman, Cale Salih, Barbara Ibrahim and Hilary Pennington 17 February 2015

The war in Syria is now in its fourth year. It has cost over 200,000 lives, put 12 million people in need of humanitarian assistance inside the country (USAID) and …