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Interview: Cliff Prior

5 April 2016
Charles Keidan

15-16–credit_Mike Cogh
opinion 2 22 March 2016 For Subscribers

Who should measure the impact of non-profits? Responses to Caroline Fiennes and Ken Berger

Credit DCF_pics
article 14 March 2016 For Subscribers

Permissive or restrictive? A mixed picture for philanthropy in China

Arrivals in Lesvos.
Credit: CAFOD Photo Library.
feature 11 March 2016 For Subscribers

Terms of engagement: surveys highlight European foundations

Javad gave us this picture when we met him in Lesvos. ‘Greece, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, we are all friends,’ he said.
feature 11 March 2016 For Subscribers

Case study: Funding for unaccompanied refugee children in Greece

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What role can institutional investors play in contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals?

28 April 2016
Jo Mountford

ShareAction is a UK-based charity working across the investment system to promote Responsible Investment, and helps investors better serve savers, society and the environment. The Sustainable Development Goals aim to …

A guide to enabling social change

27 April 2016
Jen Morgan

The context of today’s social, environmental and economic challenges requires leaders of change to ‘think and act’ in brand new ways. Looking at past trajectories of history, observing the fundamentals …

Flint’s crisis raises questions — and cautions — about the role of philanthropy

27 April 2016
Foundation Center

The public health crisis in Flint, Michigan, continues to unfold before the eyes of the world. For nearly eighteen months, water drawn from the Flint River was sent without proper …

Children earn a living by transporting goods inside the Zaatari Refugee Camp, Jordan. 
Credit: Mohamed Azakir - World Bank

The Syrian crisis: a challenge for philanthropy

feature Timothy Ogden, Ayesha Saran and Atallah Kuttab 15 March 2016

It is a rare event that captures global philanthropy’s attention. The stream of refugees from Syria is one of them. There is a serious humanitarian crisis under way, and a …

CAPTION: Several migrants aboard the Beast. CREDIT: Sanjuana Martinez.

Mexico: migration crisis worsens, philanthropic help decreases

feature Susana Seijas 11 March 2016

‘The situation faced by foundations and migrant rights organizations responding to the migration crisis is overwhelming,’ says Lourdes Sanz of the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (Cemefi), ‘yet international non-profits, regional …

China has seen recent massive internal migration to urban centers in search of economic opportunity. Here construction workers from the countryside labour in front of Guangzhou’s glittering skyline.

Migration – the oldest and still best tool in the anti-poverty arsenal

feature 1 Timothy Ogden 11 March 2016

The case for migration as an effective tool to combat poverty is more than 100,000 years old – and has yet to be contradicted. Migration is what early human hunter-gatherers …