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Keep on, keeping on: resilient philanthropy in Turkey

15 August 2017
Filiz Bikmen

Interview 1 August 2017 For Subscribers

Interview: Maurice Makoloo of the Ford Foundation

Analysis 6 18 July 2017

The needle has swung the wrong way: it’s time for India’s philanthropy reckoning

Analysis 11 July 2017

Alliance Breakfast Club – #Courage4Solidarity

Interview 4 July 2017 For Subscribers

Interview: Massimo Lapucci of Fondazione CRT

Latest issue: June 2017

Solidarity – more in common?

Guest Editors: Stefan Schäfers

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How ‘catalytic philanthropy’ could solve global waste

17 August 2017
Doug Woodring

The world faces a looming challenge of handling our waste, an increasing percentage of which is made of plastic, which simply does not go away. Plastic usually accounts for up …

Myths about new funders

16 August 2017
Phil Buchanan

There are a lot of statements made about ‘new’ donors and how they differ from more ‘established’ older ones. Some are probably true. Many, alas, are myths. The latest statement, …

US community foundations making significant global impact

15 August 2017
Natalie Ross

Since I joined the Council on Foundations in early 2016, I have fielded many requests from community foundations (CFs) seeking support and guidance in facilitating international grants, often due to …

Social investment in Asia: philanthropy’s new venture

Conference Report Andrew Milner 20 June 2017

‘How many people here don’t have their smartphone within easy reach?’ asked Ong Peng Tsin, Chair of Solve Education in the opening plenary of this year’s Asia Venture Philanthropy Network …

Alliance Audio – solidarity and philanthropy

Analysis Alliance magazine 13 June 2017

Welcome to the second Alliance Audio – recorded live from Warsaw at the 2017 European Foundation Centre conference! This is the latest in a new series debating key issues in philanthropy …

Coverage from the 2017 annual EFC conference in Warsaw, Poland

Conference Report Alliance magazine 6 June 2017

Alliance is proud to have been part of the media coverage for this year’s European Foundation Centre (EFC) conference in Warsaw, Poland.  This year’s EFC annual conference, hosted between 31 …