How much influence does philanthropy have?

27 September 2016
Alliance magazine

View of south Mumbai.
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Realizing the power of philanthropy in India

Sambalpur, Odisha, a cycle rally on gender issues (partner organization: Patang). Credit: NFI Partners
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What role for philanthropy in a democratic India?

On International Women’s Day 2016, the Wellbeing Foundation Africa, led by former Nigerian first lady Toyin Saraki (second on the left), called for gender equality, especially in education and employment.
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Big philanthropy and policy change in Africa

Presenting the EFC’s new strategic framework at this year’s EFC conference.
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Foundations or philanthropy: what’s in a name? Interview with Gerry Salole

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Does philanthropy have too much influence?

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Collaboration – one of the fastest moving trends in philanthropy

27 September 2016
Sandra Jacobs

Last week I attended the 2016 Philanthropy Australia conference in Sydney, alongside over 600 Australian and international philanthropists and leaders in the not-for-profit sector. As a relative newcomer to philanthropy, …

African attitudes towards homosexuality revealed in unprecedented survey

26 September 2016
Alliance magazine

South Africa’s The Other Foundation and the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) have released the results of a national survey of public attitudes to homosexuality in the country. More than …

Is philanthropy future ready?

26 September 2016
Squirrel Main

Yesterday, Philanthropy Australia’s national conference debated, ‘Is philanthropy future-ready?’ What was missing was a definition of ‘ready’. There are two definitions of the adjective: In a suitable state for an …

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What influence does philanthropy exert?

Special feature Alliance magazine 6 September 2016

There are increasing signs of philanthropy influencing policy and policy networks but, as yet, no overarching theory of how it does so. Philanthropic traditions vary, as do the political, social …

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Introduction to the Special feature

Special feature Charles Keidan 6 September 2016

How assertive should private philanthropy be, or be allowed to be, in its efforts to influence public life? Philanthropy’s relative freedom gives it a unique vantage point to address social …

Graça Machel leading a panel discussion on the economic impact of the Ebola epidemic on business in Africa and business’s response to the outbreak.

A new era for African philanthropy

Special feature Bhekinkosi Moyo 6 September 2016

There has never been a greater time for African philanthropy and philanthropy in general than today. The momentum and interest around philanthropy have grown – at times surprisingly so, given …