Alliance Breakfast Club – Philanthropy’s diversity challenge

17 October 2017
Jacob Beck

Analysis 2 10 October 2017 For Subscribers

Latin America: sharing philanthropy, not hoarding wealth

10 October 2017

Judges announced for 5th Olga Alexeeva Memorial Prize

Interview 3 October 2017 For Subscribers

Interview: Lenka Setkova of the Coutts Institute

Analysis 19 September 2017

Alliance Audio – The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Latest issue: September 2017

Philanthropy's diversity challenge

Guest Editors: Sumitra Mishra and Angela Seay

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Soros gifts $18 billion to Open Society Foundation

21 October 2017
Alliance magazine

Disclosed last week, George Soros gifted $18 billion dollars to his Open Society Foundations. The foundation’s founder and chairman has now made one of the largest transfers of wealth ever, …

Barrow Cadbury Trust appoints Erica Cadbury as new Chair of Trustees

20 October 2017
Alliance magazine

Beginning on 21 October, Barrow Cadbury Trust will be welcoming a new Chair of Trustees. Erica Cadbury will be succeeding Helen Cadbury, who passed away at the end of June. …

Cross-sector cooperation needed to combat East Africa’s hunger crisis

20 October 2017
Aid & International Development Forum

The combination of drought, El Niño and conflict has left East Africa struggling to survive. The region is facing a monumental hunger crisis with 24 million people affected in Ethiopia, …

Nothing about us without us – philanthropy’s diversity challenge

Special feature Sumitra Mishra and Angela Seay 5 September 2017

This issue of Alliance investigates philanthropy’s diversity predicament. How can philanthropy do the most good if it doesn’t reflect the society it seeks to serve? Our guest editors, Sumitra Mishra and …

Foundations have public responsibilities – it’s time to improve their governance 

Special feature Sachin Sachdeva 5 September 2017

Most grantmaking organizations in India are registered as trusts and their governance is vested in a small group of people who are either friends or family of the founder. To date, this approach has not been contested. There was an …

Philanthropy reflects the elites not the streets 

Editorial Charles Keidan 5 September 2017

‘Nothing about us without us’ was a slogan coined by disability rights activists to communicate the idea that no policy should be decided by any representative without the full and direct participation of members of the …