Co-Impact: well-endowed, but can it shift the power?

Alliance magazine

Towards the end of last year, foundations and philanthropists including the Rockefeller Foundation, Richard Chandler, Bill and Melinda Gates, Jeff Skoll and Romesh and Kathy Wadhwani, launched the Co-impact initiative, a collaboration to bring ‘large-scale, sustainable change to underserved populations across the developing world in the critical areas of health, education, and economic opportunity’.

The EkStep Foundation, co-founded by Indian philanthropists Rohini and Nandan Nilekani, will serve as technical partner. The initiative promises ‘systems change grants of ‘up to $50 million over several years’ which will go to ‘initiatives with proven leaders and results which are poised to scale even further’.

We asked several philanthropy practitioners around the world about Co-Impact’s prospects, as follows:

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