Philanthropy in India

Rohini Nilekani

This speech was given by Rohini Nilekani at the launch of the Indian Philanthropy Forum (IPF) in Mumbai, 18-19 March 2010. The aim of the IPF is to build a dynamic community of philanthropists who are committed to developing high-impact solutions to poverty in India.


I am very honoured to be asked to speak here at the launch event of the Indian Philanthropy Forum. I think it is an extremely timely happening. In fact, some of us were trying to get something like this organized a while ago, but I’m very glad that Deval, Neera and Amit [Devel Sanhavi and Neera Nundy, co-founders of Dasra, and Amit Mukherjee, a Dasra trustee] stuck to it and actually made this happen today. I hope it’s the beginning of a very long journey.

I have ten minutes and I’m going to share with you my thoughts on philanthropy, especially in relation to the situation in India.

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