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Amanda Aguilar

Amanda Aguilar and Sarah Sabatke 23 June 2017

US foundations are changing in response to Trump administration, CEP finds

The philanthropy research and consultancy organization, Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP), has released a report showing that, of the US foundation CEOs who responded to their survey, almost three quarters have changed or are planning …

Amanda Aguilar 19 June 2017

Spend down to have more impact, says new report

The Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP), an organization focused on the development of data and insight to enable higher-performing funders, have released a report which shows that most foundations planning to spend down are motivated …

1 Amanda Aguilar 25 May 2017

New initiatives promote knowledge of African philanthropy

While philanthropy is an integral aspect of African society, the study and promotion of African philanthropy is still developing. However, two African organizations – TrustAfrica and Southern Africa Trust – are seeking to change that. …

Amanda Aguilar 16 May 2017

Start Network creates online platform for transparent humanitarian funding

Start Network, a network of 42 international aid agencies committed to improving humanitarian efforts in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, has launched an online platform allowing members, donors, and the public to monitor humanitarian …

Amanda Aguilar 5 May 2017

New portal to increase ocean conservation funding

The New York based Foundation Center has launched an online portal allowing ocean conservationists and supporters to easily track current and past funding to global marine conservation efforts at The website notes that the …