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Amy McGoldrick

Amy McGoldrick 23 March 2018

What constitutes a good deal anyway?

At the 10th anniversary of the Good Deals conference (combined with the 1st anniversary of Beyond Good Business), nestled within London’s Royal Institute of British Architects, hundreds of social entrepreneurs, social investors, intermediaries and sector …

Amy McGoldrick 26 February 2018

CAF Roundtable: Building trust in Brazil and Russia

At a time when it is increasingly common for civil society to look inward as national politics piles on the pressure, it was refreshing to attend a roundtable in London with CAF, to delve into …

Amy McGoldrick 18 January 2018

The importance of trust

‘…11 days ago two bullets crossed off two more faces from my family tree they were 14 they were studying the blood-soaked arithmetic pages are still sitting on the mantel…’ Emi Mahmoud, a Sudanese-American slam poet, performing at …

Amy McGoldrick 10 October 2017

The Russia Community Foundation Phenomenon

Community foundations now number 170 organisations in 60 countries. This number is continuously growing – and in Russia it’s no different. At a roundtable event in London with CAF Russia last month, the room learned …

Amy McGoldrick 25 September 2017

If it isn’t about money, then what is it about?

Outside of Westminster and London and England entirely, ECFI finds its first conference nestled in the historic Cardiff City Hall, Wales, to a select 100 attendees. ‘Twenty two countries and eighteen languages are here,’ was …

Amy McGoldrick 31 March 2017

The old ways are dead. It’s time to transform – Bond conference reflections

In a world of ever-increasing uncertainty, organisations would be forgiven for feeling tentative and cautious. However, the start of the Bond Annual Conference 2017 declared that this is not an option – instead, civil society …