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Carola Carazzone

1 Carola Carazzone 20 September 2017

Community philanthropy: true to life?

Community Foundations are local – local people, local assets, local donors, local agencies, local capacities, local trust. They can easily exist in splendid isolation without interacting with other peers around the world. Last Sunday in …

Letter Carola Carazzone 7 March 2017 For Subscribers

SDGs must be part of community philanthropy agenda

The December issue of Alliance focused on the topic of community philanthropy and the concept of ‘durable development’ – shifting power closer to the ground and giving agency to local people and their organizations. Here, …

Carola Carazzone 6 December 2016

Reflections on community philanthropy’s global gathering

I am at Jo’burg airport on my way back to Italy. I leave South Africa after the Global Summit on Community Philanthropy with a warm, energizing feeling of belonging. There is a global community of …

Special feature Carola Carazzone 29 November 2016

New developments in community philanthropy emerge in Italy

Between 2000 and 2006, the first group of Italian community foundations was established in Northern Italy. A lot has been written about the model of community foundation promoted by Fondazione Cariplo and some other enlightened …