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Chandrika Sahai

Chandrika Sahai 31 March 2017

The role of philanthropy in society – what’s there and what’s next?

At the WINGS Forum in Mexico in February 2017, a session was organised to discuss the initial findings of a new study of philanthropy initiated by the Working Group on Philanthropy for Social Justice and …

Letter Chandrika Sahai 7 March 2017 For Subscribers

How to be effective and responsive to communities?

The December issue of Alliance focused on the topic of community philanthropy and the concept of ‘durable development’ – shifting power closer to the ground and giving agency to local people and their organizations. Here, …

Chandrika Sahai 2 December 2016

Challenge to philanthropy’s power – unshackled!

Never before have I attended a philanthropy gathering of this scale where the conversations have been so open and honest about things that are wrong with mainstream philanthropy and ODA. The Global Summit for Community …

Chandrika Sahai 25 May 2016

What does funding to change structural injustice actually look like?

It started in a café. Representatives from the Trust met people from a children’s charity based in the North East of England, Children North East, to discuss their request for a small grant to celebrate …

Chandrika Sahai 17 May 2014

EFC Conference 2014: The times, they are a changin’, but what can foundations do about it?

A large part of the conversations at the 25th EFC Annual General Assembly and Conference in Sarajevo have drawn focus to the uneasy realities of the ‘European project’. Framed by the backdrop of Sarajevo – …

1 Chandrika Sahai 1 June 2013

Blame it on bad luck

Does luck play a role in the work of a foundation that achieves great results? According to a survey filled out by 80 European foundations, it does. But are they attracted to the idea of …