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Sarah Sabatke and Charles Keidan 21 June 2017

Germany’s Felix Oldenburg appointed chair of European donor network

The new chair of the Donors and Foundations Networks in Europe (DAFNE) will be Felix Oldenburg, secretary general of the German Association of Foundations. Oldenburg takes over from Spanish foundation association chief, Rosa Gallego, who …

Charles Keidan 6 June 2017

European philanthropy gets political but will it last?

European philanthropy has taken a decidedly political turn. Last month over 60 members of the European Foundation Centre (EFC) signed a statement in support of NGO’s in Hungary and condemning the ‘repeated efforts of the …

Charles Keidan 6 June 2017

Solidarity fund for democracy in Europe announced

European foundations will join forces to fund initiatives aimed at strengthening civil society and safeguarding democratic values in Europe, the European Foundation Centre (EFC) has announced. The announcement was made by Ewa Kulik-Bielińska, outgoing chair …

Editorial Charles Keidan 30 May 2017

More in common

‘We are far more united and have far more in common with each other than things that divide us.’ These were the words of Jo Cox in her maiden speech to the UK Parliament on …

1 Charles Keidan 22 May 2017

Why the future of European philanthropy is German

What does someone who speaks almost zero German do at the annual conference of the Bundersverband Deutscher Stiftung, the Association of German Foundations? More to the point, what is someone like that doing there in the …

Charles Keidan 5 April 2017

Ford Foundation ploughs $1 billion into mission related investments

The Ford Foundation, one of world’s largest charitable foundations, has announced that it will invest up to $1 billion of its $12 billion endowment in Mission Related Investments.

Charles Keidan 29 March 2017

Time to talk payouts

Foundation payouts – how much a foundation spends as a proportion of their assets each year – might sound obscure and esoteric but the reality is anything but that. In the United States and Australia, a …

Special feature Charles Keidan 7 March 2017 For Subscribers

Hands-on philanthropy 

A remarkable experiment in philanthropy is under way in America. At universities across the country, students are being entrusted by philanthropists with thousands of dollars – real dollars – to give to charity. These courses, …

Special feature Charles Keidan 7 March 2017 For Subscribers

Challenges ahead in funding the study of philanthropy 

The growth of philanthropy studies, the increasing number of academics who would call themselves philanthropy scholars and the fact that philanthropy is attracting interest from leading scholars across the disciplinary spectrum are encouraging developments for …

Editorial Charles Keidan 6 March 2017

Philanthropy scholars at our service

Philanthropy is now achieving global academic visibility. The world’s first school of philanthropy opened in the US in 2013 and new philanthropy centres and chairs have emerged in recent years in Africa, India and Europe. Such interest is likely to intensify as philanthropists assume growing influence over public policy and practice. …