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European philanthropy gets political but will it last?

6 June 2017
Charles Keidan

European philanthropy has taken a decidedly political turn. Last month over 60 members of the European Foundation Centre (EFC) signed a statement in support of NGO’s in Hungary and condemning the ‘repeated efforts of the Hungarian government to restrict and stigmatize nongovernmental organizations operating in the public interest’. The statement included some of the biggest names in philanthropy. But what made it remarkable was the inclusion of foundations who typically stay out of the political …


New initiatives promote knowledge of African philanthropy

25 May 2017
Amanda Aguilar

While philanthropy is an integral aspect of African society, the study and promotion of African philanthropy is still developing. However, two African organizations – TrustAfrica and Southern Africa Trust – are seeking to change that. TrustAfrica, a pan-Africa foundation started in 2006, believes that Africans themselves, who understand the continent’s social, economic, and political setting, will have the most enduring solutions for the challenges Africa faces. In an attempt to offer a better understanding of …


Why philanthropy must do more on climate change

11 April 2017
Larry Kramer

This article was originally posted by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, on 14 March 2017. The original article can be found …


Participatory philanthropy – what are we waiting for?

3 April 2017
Halie Dalton

In a 2015 report, Philanthropy New Zealand board member Lani Evans provides an overview of participatory philanthropy. In addition to …


How crowd philanthropy helps defy Trump’s travel ban

9 March 2017
Halie Dalton

A recent article published by The New York Times provides a look into Trump’s travel ban and how crowd funding …