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Philanthropy in Brazil: can funders play a more substantial role?

10 June 2018
Ana Valeria Araujo

Philanthropy in Brazil has the potential to play a much larger role in expanding and consolidating democracy. The working paper on Philanthropy in Brazil, recently published by Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace (PSJP) in association with Alliance, WINGS and Brazil’s Philanthropy Network for Social Justice, is an important tool for a comprehensive understanding of where we are in terms of philanthropy in the country, and what is keeping us from getting bolder and more effective in our …


Foundations have invested $50 billion in the SDGs, but who’s counting?

27 May 2018
Arif Ekram and Lauren Bradford

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represent the most ambitious — as well as expensive — global development framework in history. The framework sets specific targets in seventeen areas, from ending poverty in all its forms (Goal 1), to combating climate change and its impacts (Goal 13), to achieving gender equality (Goal 5). But with an estimated annual price tag of $3.5 trillion, it’s clear that governments alone cannot finance the SDGs and hope to achieve the framework’s 2030 …


Three ways collaboration could potentially advance place-based impact investing

21 May 2018
Joycelyn Ovalle

Place-based impact investing is gaining momentum in philanthropy, helping communities grow small businesses, create high-wage jobs, and increase the supply of affordable …


Motivated to #ShiftThePower in nonprofit evaluations

18 May 2018
Dana Doan

As I read GrantCraft’s latest report, “How Community Philanthropy Shifts Power: What Donors Can Do to Help Make That Happen,” …


Go West! Philanthropy’s role in supporting LGBTI rights in West Africa and beyond

17 May 2018
David Sampson

The Baring Foundation’s International Development programme has just made its first grants in West Africa to address discrimination against lesbian, …


Reflections from Hungary on helping donors walking the talk

4 May 2018
Tamás Scsaurszki

I was recently recovering from the results of the general election in Hungary, and desperate to find new ways to …


Philanthropy in captivity: counter-terrorism measures and Arab philanthropy

2 May 2018
Sherine El Taraboulsi – McCarthy

Caroline Hartnell’s Philanthropy in the Arab Region: A Working Paper is a fascinating account of the breadth of generosity and innovation in …


Funding – and power – in the hands of people and communities

1 May 2018
Julia Unwin

Many years ago in The Grantmaking Tango I wrote that funders get the voluntary sector they deserve, and decades later that rather provocative …


Trust, risk and power dynamics in India’s philanthropy

30 April 2018
Birger Stamperdahl

The non-profit sector in India is perhaps unlike that of any other country. By many accounts, the sector is massive, …


Philanthropy is booming in the 21st Century

29 April 2018
Alliance magazine

One boon of the explosion in global wealth over the last two decades has been an explosion in  philanthropy across …


Unleashing the true potential of philanthropy to transform lives and communities

25 April 2018
Michael Mapstone

Over the past couple of years, I have spent an inordinate amount of time in meetings and conferences about the …