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Unleashing the true potential of philanthropy to transform lives and communities

25 April 2018
Michael Mapstone

Over the past couple of years, I have spent an inordinate amount of time in meetings and conferences about the role of philanthropy in _______ (fill the blank with ‘global development’, ‘SDGs’, ‘closing space’, ‘climate solutions’ etc.). Usually, the conversation focuses on big foundations, family offices, high-net-worth-individuals…big philanthropy. So, reading this new GrantCraft paper, How Community Philanthropy Shifts Power: What Donors Can Do to Help Make That Happen, produced in partnership with the Global Alliance of Community Philanthropy and the Global …


Epic Quest: a big-picture look at private philanthropy for global development

9 April 2018
Alliance magazine

While philanthropic giving for development is pretty modest when stacked up against official development assistance (ODA), this money is playing a major role in some sectors. So says a new report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), “Private Philanthropy for Development,” that analyzes charitable giving for global health and development. The new report provides data-driven confirmation of philanthropy’s financial contributions on the development front. A sizable flow of private wealth is going …


Infrastructure 2.0: The Future of Philanthropic Impact

7 April 2018
Larry McGill

In “Towards Infrastructure 2.0: An Ecosystem Approach,” Barry Knight has written a vitally important paper that illuminates one of the …


A critical moment for philanthropy in India

28 March 2018
Pradeep Patra

‘It’s an interesting time for philanthropy in India. While there is a significant increase in the total volume of giving, …


Some key issues for philanthropy in the Arab region

26 March 2018
Atallah Kuttab

The working paper titled Philanthropy in the Arab Region succeeds in giving a comprehensive overview of the current state of philanthropy in …


Russian philanthropy’s changing landscape: Growth spurts and growing pains

25 March 2018
Lauren Bradford

Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace, in association with Alliance and the Worldwide Initiative for Grantmaker Support (WINGS), recently launched the second report in …


Philanthropy in the Arab Region – reflections from the UAE

21 March 2018
Natasha Ridge

A new report from Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace entitled Philanthropy in the Arab Region makes a valuable contribution …


New WINGS report discusses trends and diversity of global philanthropy

19 February 2018
Emily Hurley

Philanthropy development and infrastructure body, The Worldwide Initiatives for Grantmaker Support (WINGS) has published a landmark report – The Global …


Philanthropy in Russia: an insider’s view

1 February 2018
Maria Chertok

We at CAF Russia are very happy to co-publish our report on philanthropy in Russia together with Philanthropy for Social Justice …


Stars: different alignment, same general constellation

22 January 2018
Andrew Milner

Changes of staff and emphases are underway at the London-based Saudi philanthropy, the Stars Foundation. Following a decade of its …


Crowdfunding: What can philanthropists do to support it?

12 January 2018
India Development Review

Philanthropists and funding organisations grapple with various kinds of risks when considering grant making opportunities. Some are failure risks of theories …