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Conference reports

British foundations have come of age

16 November 2017
Charles Keidan

Around 400 people gathered at the British Medical Association’s headquarters in North London last week for the annual conference of the UK’s Association of Charitable Foundations (ACF), the leading umbrella body for British philanthropy. The association’s chief executive Carol Mack set out a confident vision for how British foundations will navigate turbulent times despite the headwinds and political uncertainty of the Brexit process and years of cuts to publically funded services. Today, British foundation grantmaking …


European philanthropy gets political but will it last?

6 June 2017
Charles Keidan

European philanthropy has taken a decidedly political turn. Last month over 60 members of the European Foundation Centre (EFC) signed a statement in support of NGO’s in Hungary and condemning the ‘repeated efforts of the Hungarian government to restrict and stigmatize nongovernmental organizations operating in the public interest’. The statement included some of the biggest names in philanthropy. But what made it remarkable was the inclusion of foundations who typically stay out of the political …

Conference reports

Why the future of European philanthropy is German

22 May 2017
Charles Keidan

What does someone who speaks almost zero German do at the annual conference of the Bundersverband Deutscher Stiftung, the Association of …


Time to talk payouts

29 March 2017
Charles Keidan

Foundation payouts – how much a foundation spends as a proportion of their assets each year – might sound obscure …