Germany’s Felix Oldenburg appointed chair of European donor network

21 June 2017
Sarah Sabatke and Charles Keidan

The new chair of the Donors and Foundations Networks in Europe (DAFNE) will be Felix Oldenburg, secretary general of the …

Conference reports

Bigger, broader, and on a roll – the 2017 AVPN conference

20 June 2017
JP Hamilton

There’s a tradition at AVPN conferences that Doug Miller, founder of AVPN, leaps onto the stage. The challenge is that …


Spend down to have more impact, says new report

19 June 2017
Amanda Aguilar

The Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP), an organization focused on the development of data and insight to enable higher-performing funders, …


Philanthropy can eliminate neglected diseases

16 June 2017
Bill Campbell

Giving away money is hard work. Or at least it should be. Having spent 30 years leading businesses at JP …


Barrow Cadbury Trust boosts UK social investment market

15 June 2017
Alliance magazine

A new fund will work to produce grants and financial assistance to strengthen the UK’s social investment market. The Barrow …


Impact management: New kid on the block

14 June 2017
Abigail Rotheroe

Impact measurement has come a long way since NPC was set up 15 years ago. From inception to today, we …

Conference reports

Takeaways from Danny Sriskandarajah: Dreaming big and funding social movements

13 June 2017
Andre Chumko

Secretary General of CIVICUS Dr Dhananjayan Sriskandarajah gave a keynote address about brave philanthropy and its role in shaping civil …

Conference reports

Video: What does solidarity mean in your philanthropic work?

13 June 2017
Alliance magazine

In between plenaries, sessions, podcast recordings, networking and hearing about all the great work delegates at the 2017 European Foundation …

Conference reports

If philanthropy was as innovative and impactful as possible, what might our world look like?

12 June 2017
Kate Frykberg

If philanthropy was as innovative and impactful as possible, what might our world look like?  Three inspiring speakers at the …


SDGs: Where do human rights fit in?

9 June 2017
Sarah Tansey

729 funders. 20,600 grants. 12,888 organizations. Human rights is a broad field, as demonstrated by the vast data in Foundation …


Attaining SDGs can generate investment returns, new report suggests

8 June 2017
Alliance magazine

A lack of data is considered a key hindrance to the rise of sustainable investments, according to a new report …

Conference reports

Local solidarity builds philanthropy

7 June 2017
Augusta Hagen-Dillon

In many ways, the closing panel of the 2017 annual EFC conference took participants back to where it began. Brendan …