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INAISE conference holds out prospect of socially inclusive banking order

Malcolm Hayday 5 July 2013

In recent years Mexico has earned a certain financial notoriety, whether from the Compartamos IPO or the alleged money-laundering activities of HSBC and others. The World Bank considers Mexico to be an ‘advanced middle income …

Support infrastructure for social enterprise – persuading the investor to be more entrepreneurial

1 Alison Bukhari and Dasra 30 May 2012

Re-envisioning capitalism is a constant theme at the moment. As the global economy continues to reel from a financial crisis that seems to have no end in sight, people are starting to question what ‘traditional …

IFC and MasterCard Foundation to increase access to financial services in Sub-Saharan Africa

Alliance magazine 11 May 2012

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the MasterCard Foundation have joined forces in a $37.4 million project to bring financial services to some 5.3 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa. The project will help microfinance banks …

Time for microfinance to reflect, but not too much

Timothy Ogden 18 April 2011

One of the Day One sessions at the Global Philanthropy Forum was titled ‘Microfinance in Crisis?’ and featured David Roodman, Michael Schlein, President and CEO of ACCION International, Reeta Roy of the MasterCard Foundation and …

Microfinance under the microscope: more questions being asked

Caroline Hartnell 11 September 2009

Once upon time, it was impossible to talk about microfinance without something like reverence. The ‘hats off’ period seems to be over as questions about its limitations multiply. The Wall Street Journal recently accused microfinance …

BRAC to ‘jump-start’ development in war-torn West Africa

Alliance magazine 29 July 2009

Microfinance pioneer BRAC is to lead a two-year pilot programme to help rebuild war-torn communities in West Africa. Sponsored by the Soros Economic Development Fund (, the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (, the …