Young donors’ attitudes to giving

Andrew Milner

Among young philanthropists, the words effectiveness and impact circulate widely in talk about projects and organizations funded. With their sights on the environment and other global issues, they take a hands-on approach. But how clear are the distinctions between the priorities of young donors and those of their parents? Alliance spoke to half a dozen young donors to find out.

Not part of our lives, but a way of life

The young leaders polled say they are more likely to be actively involved with the projects and organizations they support than their parents chose to be. Lynn Zovighian in Lebanon, for example, says that she thinks for people of her generation, philanthropy is integral to their life choices. ‘My peers have a very entrepreneurial relationship with philanthropy, unlike the generation of our parents and grandparents,’ she notes. ‘We view philanthropy not as a part of our lives, but as a way of life.’

Rebekah Lin

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