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Below you can find information about upcoming issues of Alliance including special features, areas of discussion, and guest editors.

Coming up this year:
June 2017 – Solidarity
How can solidarity be understood in today’s world? Can it work for everyone or is it just in the eye of the beholder? Solidarity is deeply bound to philanthropy, altruism and benevolence but is sometimes also motivated by self-interest, fear and tribal allegiance. What happens when there are clashes of solidarity between national groups or between people who see their resources, values and ways of life under threat? This Alliance special feature will explore the complex and sensitive relationship between philanthropy and solidarity.

Guest edited by King Baudouin Foundation’s Stefan Schäfers, the June issue will be launched to coincide with the European Foundation Centre’s  Annual General Assembly on the topic of solidarity.

September 2017 – The diversity issue
Who leads foundations and philanthropic organisations? To what extent do the people working in philanthropy – members of foundation boards, foundation staff, ‘thought leaders’, wealth advisors and consultants – reflect the people and communities they aim to serve? Do gaps between the make-up of the philanthropic workforce and the beneficiaries of philanthropy undermine its efforts? If so, what steps should be put in place – by foundations or others – to change the status quo?

December 2017 – Philanthropy and the media
Drawing on the Turin gathering on the future of non-profit media, this issue will focus on either the rise of a ‘philanthropy media’ or philanthropy’s growing role, motivations and effects in supporting media enterprises.