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Below you can find information about upcoming issues of Alliance including special features, areas of discussion and guest editors.

March 2015
Arts and social change
Why should philanthropists support the arts? This question will be put to ten foundations/philanthropists and ten arts organizations as part of a special feature looking at the role of philanthropists and foundations in supporting art and social change. Should they fund artists directly to create the art they want to make? Should they fund theatres and galleries to make art more available to more people? Should they fund only work that explicitly promotes social change? And what about supporting the arts in their own right? These are among the issues to be addressed in the March issue of Alliance.
Guest editors are Hania Aswad, Naseej Foundation and Fiona Ellis, Millfield House Foundation

June 2015 
Beyond accountability: feedback as transformation
Feedback is one step towards accountability but it is much more than that. Effective feedback systems are disruptive in the best sense: they shift power in development from top-down to bottom-up. Regrettably, most current feedback practices reinforce rather than transform power relationships. Almost all foundations and non-profits agree that getting beneficiary feedback is a good idea, so why don’t they do it, or do it well? Is it because they don’t know how? Is it too uncomfortable to do? For the pioneers, what are the benefits? How can foundations be accountable? These are some of the questions this special feature will try to answer.
Guest editors are David Bonbright of Keystone Accountability, Elizabeth Christopherson of the Rita Allen Foundation, and Fadel Ndiame of AGRA

September 2015
A changing landscape: philanthropy the world over

December 2015
Philanthropy and the post-2015 agenda