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Below you can find information about upcoming issues of Alliance including special features and guest editors.

June 2018: Philanthropy infrastructure
(Guest editors – Benjamin Bellegy and Maria Chertok)

It is a commonplace statement that philanthropy is changing, but what does this mean for the future development of philanthropy and its infrastructure – the support eco-system of organisations and networks which build capacity, provide thought leadership, and help improve the regulatory environment? As philanthropy grows in importance, and extends into new areas of the globe, how adequate and well-prepared is philanthropy to take advantage of opportunities and to protect against threats? As the infrastructure space heats up, with many different players coming into the field, guest editors Benjamin Bellegy and Maria Chertok discuss the key issues shaping the future development of philanthropy around the world.

September 2018: Muslim philanthropy (Guest editors – Yunus Sola and Tariq Cheema)

Muslims comprise almost a quarter of the world’s population. As such, how, where and to whom Muslims give is of great societal significance. While systematic knowledge of Muslim and Muslim inspired philanthropy remains limited, this special feature aims to illuminate the scope, potential and effects of Muslim philanthropy on contemporary society.

December 2018: Royal philanthropy

From the Gulf to the Commonwealth, monarchs and members of royal families are involved in numerous acts of philanthropy, large and small. These acts are often celebrated as promoting social stability and well-being, creating unity and drawing attention as well as resources to sometimes neglected causes. But does royal philanthropy also play a more political role helping to cement the influence of unelected hereditary figures and advance the foreign policy interests of states’? How does royal philanthropy actually operate and whose ends does it serve?

March 2019: Will philanthropy change the system?