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December 2017: Philanthropy and media
Guest Editor – Miguel Castro, Senior Officer, Global Media Partnerships, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

What is the relationship between philanthropy and media? Traditionally, only a small number of foundations support media enterprises but today a growing number of foundations are ushering in an era of philanthropy backed journalism. Some support media to foster a flourishing civil society, which can help maintain the integrity of public institutions and act as a watchdog of the private sector. Others back media to promote global development causes like public health and education – helping media outlets do journalism that matters.

Philanthropists are also not immune from using media as a vehicle for advancing more personal or private interests. In this special feature, Alliance editor, Charles Keidan and guest editor, Miguel Castro of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, explore the opportunities and risks for the media and society at large of a model of journalism increasingly reliant on philanthropic income.

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