Interview: Benjamin Bellegy of WINGS

Benjamin Bellegy.

Benjamin Bellegy, the new CEO of philanthropy infrastructure organization WINGS, is a French national living in Brazil. This is emblematic of the breadth of experience he brings to the role. Working previously for NGOs and cooperation agencies in Africa and the Fondation de France, he has seen philanthropy infrastructure as both consumer and provider. This dual perspective has given him a particular view of the importance of infrastructure organizations. He talks to Alliance editor Charles Keidan about his priorities for WINGS and, specifically, what the upcoming WINGS Forum in Mexico City will bring.

How did you become involved in philanthropy?

What made me start working in this field was not a will to help bring wealth to the ‘poor’ but an interest in learning from the wealth of the so-called poor. It started with my fascination for one country, Ethiopia, where I decided to go after my studies because of its incredibly rich history, culture, geography and people. While I was there, I started to work in the NGO sector because I wanted to be actively involved in this society and learn from it.

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