Interview: Lenka Setkova of the Coutts Institute

Lenka Setkova is executive director and a philanthropy adviser at Coutts Institute, within Coutts private bank. Setkova brings a rare set of qualifications to the task, having worked for government, foundations and think-tanks and her skill and experience has contributed significantly to Coutts’ philanthropy offering - something reflected in the long list of awards appended to her emails. Charles Keidan talks to her about the Institute’s work and approach, and in the run-up to the tenth edition of Coutts’ flagship Million Pound Donors Report.

Lenka Setkova.

How did you come to work in philanthropy?

My undergraduate dissertation was on the education of Roma in the Czech Republic, so I spent a lot of time talking to NGOs there, after which I worked in Prague successively for an NGO, then the British Embassy and finally the Mott Foundation.

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