Interview: Massimo Lapucci of Fondazione CRT

The European Foundation Centre (EFC) has a new chair, Massimo Lapucci, currently Secretary General of Fondazione CRT in Italy. Since the focus of Fondazione CRT is in the north-western region of Italy, it’s striking that he’s become a prominent figure in European philanthropy. He sat down with Charles Keidan at the EFC Conference in Warsaw and explained how he reconciles the local with the international, what he sees as the real value of philanthropy, and how he hopes that the EFC will help philanthropy speak with ‘a strong voice.’

You have a background in investment but you are also a Yale World Fellow.

I come from the so-called profit sector. My background is in corporate finance and business and economy, but my experience as a Yale World Fellow in 2006 made me start thinking about a different role in finance, beyond profit for the shareholders. At Yale, I was stimulated by colleagues from different countries and backgrounds, and I started thinking about managing endowments and resources for purposes besides pure dividend and return on investment for shareholders. After that experience, I found myself back in Europe, living in Luxembourg, and then from there I had the chance to join the foundation.

How much did you know about Fondazione CRT then?

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