Interview: Sean Hinton of Open Society Foundations

Migrants are here to stay – let's invest in them. That’s the message of the man responsible for the impact investments of the world's second largest foundation.

65 million people are on the move worldwide. The stream of migrants is a global issue, but it is also a future business opportunity, according to Sean Hinton, CEO of Soros Economic Development Fund and the director of Open Society Foundations' economic advancement programme. He talked to Alliance partner, Altinget, at last month’s EVPA conference in Oslo.

Sean Hinton.

Sean Hinton is a man with an unusual job: to spend money. To be exact, he has the remit to spend 220 thousand dollars a day, or approximately 150 dollars per minute. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And Sean Hinton has no doubts to where he wants to invest his money: the area of refugees.

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