Interview: Stephan Chambers of the Marshall Institute, LSE

Stephan Chambers is the recently appointed director of the Marshall Institute for Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship at the London School of Economics (LSE). He talks to Alliance editor, Charles Keidan* about the Institute’s aim to prepare a generation of young people for leadership in a world where public benefit is as important as private, about the need for high quality research on private contributions to that benefit and about his view that what he calls the ‘ego-return on philanthropy’ should not be overlooked…along the way, he also says that what the Marshall Institute is not trying to do is create a new field of philanthropy studies.

What was the founding vision of the Institute?

Stephan Chambers.

The Marshall Institute was set up at the LSE to increase the impact of private contributions to public benefit. It was conceived by Paul Marshall and Tom Hughes-Hallett. They were scratching away at the idea that were some things state provision couldn’t do, that it couldn’t just be replaced by the private sector and that we needed to think more deeply about what alternative solutions might look like, and those came in the form of philanthropy, volunteering, social enterprise.

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