African Grantmakers Network

African Grantmakers Network (AGN) is a continent-wide network of African grantmaking organizations that facilitates networking and experience-sharing among established and emerging African philanthropic institutions. AGN aims at consolidating the voice for African philanthropy to address social injustice and development issues on the continent.

Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN)

The Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN) is a unique funders network that seeks to increase the flow of financial, human and intellectual capital to the social sector across Asia Pacific. We promote venture philanthropy in the philanthropic and social investment communities and provide networking and learning services for our members.


Founded in 2003, it currently supports 104 private foundations: family, corporate and community foundations.

ASSIFERO’s vision is promoting a visible and effective Italian philanthropy, recognized as strategic partner of human and sustainable development. Our mission is to be the natural partner for those seeking to strengthen the Italian philanthropic sector.

Association of Charitable Foundations

The Association of Charitable Foundations (ACF) is the membership association for foundations and grant-making charities in the UK. For 25 years we have supported trusts and foundations; respecting and safeguarding their independence, and helping them to be effective in the many ways that they use their resources.

Association of Foundations in the Netherlands (FIN)

The Association of Foundations in the Netherlands – the FIN – aims to look after the interests of its members and to enable them to function effectively. Members of the FIN are private foundations established in the Netherlands. The FIN also provides information to interested individuals and organizations regarding foundations in the Netherlands.

China Development Brief

China Development Brief was founded in Beijing in 1996. As a Chinese non-profit organization, CDB serves as a bilingual hub providing media and communication, research, consulting and networking services to NGOs, foundations, development practitioners, businesses, researchers, and policymakers. CDB’s English-language website is widely recognized as the prime resource for international audiences who want to understand China’s growing civil society.

Charities Aid Foundation Southern Africa

Charities Aid Foundation Southern Africa’s purpose is to encourage a vibrant philanthropic culture in South Africa. Their definition of philanthropy encompasses all forms of corporate, private and individual giving, including volunteering. They believe that organisations of civil society play critical roles, providing relief from all the ills associated with poverty and marginalisation.


ClearlySo helps social entrepreneurs raise capital. Their goal is to grow the social investment marketplace and help build a more social economy.


DAFNE is the network of national donors and foundations associations in Europe which provides a platform to share knowledge and learn from best practice. Each of DAFNE’s 24 members serves and represents a membership of public benefit foundations and other donors – their role and services vary from country to country.


As India’s leading strategic philanthropy foundation, Dasra actively shapes the process of social change by forming powerful partnerships with funders and social enterprises.

Environmental Funders Network

The Environmental Funders Network (EFN) is a network of trusts, foundations and individuals making grants on environmental and conservation issues. Its mission is to increase the overall level of financial support for environmental causes and to help environmental philanthropy to be as effective as it can be.

GEO Funders

GEO is a diverse community of more than 500 grantmakers working to reshape the way philanthropy operates. We are committed to advancing smarter grantmaking practices that enable nonprofits to grow stronger and more effective at achieving better results. For more information and resources.


GIFE – Group of Institutes, Foundations and Enterprises – is the first South American association of grantmakers, uniting privately held organizations that fund or operate social, cultural and environmental projects of public interest. GIFE significantly focuses on developing solutions to overcome Brazil´s social inequalities.

Impact Lab

Impact Lab brings together early-stage entrepreneurs with motivated corporate employees to work on ventures that address societal and environmental challenges. They customize a programme specific to each social venture and assemble a team of corporate mentors to help propel early ventures to the next stage.

Invest with Values

Invest with Values is the one-stop information website for investors interested in aligning their money and values. The curated directory educates investors by showcasing hundreds of helpful resources and organizations including investor networks, deal platforms, investment approaches and examples.   The news center reports the latest news from leading content providers.


LearnPhilanthropy exists to accelerate learning among newcomers to philanthropy.  As a marketplace of knowledge and tools, LearnPhilanthropy helps people overcome learning curves and discover concepts that are essential to effective philanthropy.

Mission Investors Exchange

Mission Investors Exchange is where philanthropic leaders and innovators come together to share ideas, experiences and resources to maximize the impact of their capital. They help foundations and other philanthropic asset owners, at all stages of development, build mission investing programs; create connections; and advance the field of mission investing.

National Network of Consultants to Grantmakers

The National Network of Consultants to Grantmakers is a champion for quality in the field of philanthropy consulting. NNCG was established in 2006 as a direct response to the needs of grantmakers who increasingly turn to consultants to support and increase the impact of their work.

Philanthropy Ireland

Philanthropy Ireland is the independent representative body for all philanthropic organisations and interests engaged with the development of philanthropy and giving in Ireland. Our Mission is to increase the level of philanthropy in Ireland and to expand the community of engaged donors who are regular, strategic, long-term contributors to good causes.

Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace (PSJP)

The Working Group on PSJP is a global volunteer group of 16 senior practitioners in philanthropy. The Working Group’s goal is to deepen the understanding of the kind of philanthropic giving that addresses the underlying causes of injustice and violence and to broaden its use. To know more visit

Philanthropy New Zealand

Philanthropy New Zealand is a member organisation for individuals and organisations involved in philanthropy. We provide thought leadership and practical help to everyone with an interest in giving to make the world a better place. Our members include private philanthropists; family, community and corporate foundations; and iwi and community trusts.

Social Investor Breakfast Club

The Social Investor Breakfast Club in London is an informal gathering of people from family offices, foundations, funds, venture philanthropy and intermediary organizations with a common focus on greater efficiency and learning in our collective quest to support (and invest in) social enterprise and entrepreneurship.

SRI Conference

The SRI Conference is the oldest and largest annual conference for sustainable and responsible investors, SRI industry practitioners, and related organizations in North America.  This event is designed to inform, inspire, and serve the needs of investment professionals, as well as institutional and high net worth investors.


Founded in 2001 by eleven foundations, SwissFoundations brings together Swiss grant-making foundations, giving them a strong and independent voice. As an active network dedicated to innovation, SwissFoundations fosters the exchange of experiences, transparency and professionalism in the Swiss foundation sector.

The Association of German Foundations

The Association of German Foundations represent the interests of more than 21,000 foundations in Germany. With about 3,900 members, which represent three quarters of foundation capital in Germany, the association is the largest and oldest foundation association in Europe

The Funding Network

The Funding Network (TFN) is the UK’s first open giving circle and was established in 2002 by a small group of donors who wanted to increase the impact of individual giving by doing it collaboratively in a group setting.

The International Education Funders Group (IEFG)

IEFG is a network of foundations and donor-advised funds that support basic education in the Global South. The group focuses on learning and networking, collectively strengthening its members’ work, and helping funders have an impact in education by improving their strategic analyses and thinking. IEFG has 80+ members worldwide.

UK Community Foundations

There are 46 community foundations across the UK and UKCF is their umbrella organisation. We provide advice and support to our member community foundations and help UK-wide clients such as Big Lottery and Comic Relief channel funding, via community foundations, to where it’s needed most.


WINGS is an independent not-for-profit global network that brings together 88 support organizations serving philanthropy in 36 countries. Its vision is of a strong, global philanthropic community that strives to build more equitable and just societies around the world. Together WINGS members represent more than 15,000 foundations, grantmakers and social investors worldwide.