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Ford Foundation ploughs $1 billion into mission related investments

Charles Keidan 5 April 2017

The Ford Foundation, one of world’s largest charitable foundations, has announced that it will invest up to $1 billion of its $12 billion endowment in Mission Related Investments.

Goodbye and thank you Atlantic Philanthropies

Alliance magazine 13 March 2017

The Atlantic Philanthropies will close its doors by 2020, becoming the largest foundation to invest an entire endowment and ‘voluntarily conclude operations’. The article ‘Making and Living History’, written by the foundation’s President and CEO …

How crowd philanthropy helps defy Trump’s travel ban

Halie Dalton 9 March 2017

A recent article published by The New York Times provides a look into Trump’s travel ban and how crowd funding sites help to raise money for those affected. Focusing primarily on GoFundMe, the largest crowd …

The Chronicle of Philanthropy: Thumbs-up – and down – for the donor-advised fund

The Chronicle of Philanthropy 7 March 2017 For Subscribers

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund was the top fundraising American charity last year, according to the Philanthropy 400 ranking published by the Chronicle of Philanthropy. The significance of this, according to the Chronicle, is that Fidelity …

Council on Foundations: The Trump effect – implications for US philanthropy 

Council on Foundations 7 March 2017 For Subscribers

Following the election of Donald Trump, the Council on Foundations has focused on bringing US philanthropy together as changes in national leadership may impact on philanthropy and foundation grantees in a variety of ways.  In …

Edge Funders: Shake the foundations! 

Edge Funders 7 March 2017 For Subscribers

Last April, funders and movement partners gathered at the EDGE Conference in Berkeley, California to participate in an Engagement Lab on regenerative finance and equity-based strategies across grants and investments. Out of these conversations was …

Foundation Center: New members join Funding Information Network 

Foundation Center 7 March 2017 For Subscribers

Two new European partners have joined Foundation Center’s Funding Information Network (FIN) – the diverse network of 450+ public and academic libraries, community foundations, non-profit resource centres and NGOs throughout the US and abroad, all …

Exponent Philanthropy: New report details how small-staffed US foundations create change 

Exponent Philanthropy 7 March 2017 For Subscribers

Exponent Philanthropy recently released its 2017 Foundation Operations and Management Report. Based on responses from 495 of its more than 2,000 member foundations, all which have few or no staff, the report includes more than …

A new pipeline of philanthropy scholars and practitioners  

Gregory Witowski 7 March 2017 For Subscribers

There is growing interest among young people to find a profession that provides meaning as well as career opportunities. Many are turning to employment in the philanthropy and non–profit sectors where they hope to improve …

Case study: Learning to be an effective altruist 

Akhil Jalan 7 March 2017 For Subscribers

In the autumn 2016 term, Effective Altruists of the University of California, Berkeley organized and taught a ‘DeCal’ course called ‘The Greater Good’. A DeCal or ‘Democratic Education at Cal’ is an independent course organized …