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Effective altruism

Centre for Effective Altruism launches pooled funds

Alliance magazine 30 May 2017 For Subscribers

The Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA) is trialling what it is calling Effective Altruism Funds. These are pooled funds that allow individual donors to split a donation across four funds, each supporting a different cause …

Case study: Learning to be an effective altruist 

Akhil Jalan 7 March 2017 For Subscribers

In the autumn 2016 term, Effective Altruists of the University of California, Berkeley organized and taught a ‘DeCal’ course called ‘The Greater Good’. A DeCal or ‘Democratic Education at Cal’ is an independent course organized …

Why philanthropy should make cash transfers to the poor

Joanna Macrae 2 February 2017

Andrew Carnegie’s 1889 essay ‘The Gospel of Wealth’, has done much to inspire modern philanthropists who want to ensure that their wealth contributes to making the world a better place. He was an early advocate of ‘effective …