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Mission-related investing

Pathways for scaling impact

Filipe Santos 23 August 2017

The rise of the social entrepreneurship movement in the last twenty years unleashed a powerful engine of innovation for society. Thousands of engaged citizens – social entrepreneurs – construct and implement novel solutions to neglected …

Is grant-making fit for the digital future?

Tris Lumley 22 August 2017

As pretty much everyone has noticed, we’re in the middle of a great revolution driven by digital technology and the internet. It permeates almost every aspect of our lives—as consumers, citizens, friends, communities, donors and …

Five challenges for French philanthropy

Axelle Davezac 21 August 2017

Another exciting year is coming to an end. In France, foundations have continued to develop fast, to professionalize and to experiment new forms of interventions for the public good. As the largest philanthropic network in …

How ‘catalytic philanthropy’ could solve global waste

Doug Woodring 17 August 2017

The world faces a looming challenge of handling our waste, an increasing percentage of which is made of plastic, which simply does not go away. Plastic usually accounts for up to 20 percent of a …

Ford Foundation ploughs $1 billion into mission related investments

Charles Keidan 5 April 2017

The Ford Foundation, one of world’s largest charitable foundations, has announced that it will invest up to $1 billion of its $12 billion endowment in Mission Related Investments.

Impacting investing: the future of philanthropy?

Amanda Miller 4 October 2016

The theme of the recent Philanthropy Australia conference was ‘Evolution or Revolution – Is Philanthropy Future Ready?’ Although the overall conclusion seemed to be that it is not yet future ready, it was apparent from …

Development Impact Bond year one results: What do they mean to the service provider?

1 Alison Bukhari 1 August 2016

Last week Educate Girls and its partners launched the results of the first year of our Development Impact Bond (DIB). For a couple of years now Educate Girls has been on an exciting but challenging …

New Beginings fund awards £500,000 to refugee groups

Ayesha Saran and Alex Sutton 21 July 2016

In September 2015, a group of UK-based foundations and NGOs met at the Paul Hamlyn Foundation to discuss responses to the refugee crisis that was engulfing Europe. The images of Alan Kurdi’s lifeless body on …

A call to foundations: divest now from fossil fuels

Ellen Dorsey, Sian Ferguson and Clara Vondrich 7 June 2016

Climate change amplifies virtually every global challenge – war, migration, drought, disease, food insecurity and poverty. It will transform the arts, culture and education, and shape human progress. Philanthropy faces a historic moment where we …

Philanthropy’s role in mobilizing green finance

Mark Campanale and Iancu Daramus 7 June 2016

While a diplomatic triumph, the Paris Agreement must overcome major challenges in its implementation. With the International Energy Agency estimating $15 trillion of investments required to meet the targets agreed, the philanthropic sector can play …