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Foundation transparency – how far should we go?

20 November 2018
Krystian Seibert

Analysis 13 November 2018

Interview: Fran Perrin, Founder of Indigo Trust and 360Giving

Analysis 6 November 2018 For Subscribers

Transformative…but for good or ill? Corporate philanthropy in India in the era of mandatory CSR

Analysis 30 October 2018

Alliance Breakfast Club: #MuslimPhilanthropy

Interview 23 October 2018 For Subscribers

Inside Oak Foundation – an interview with Christopher Parker

Latest issue: September 2018

Muslim philanthropy

Guest Editors: Tariq Cheema and Yunus Sola

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The value of royal philanthropy

20 November 2018
Dame Martina Milburn DCVO

Why do philanthropists put their faith – and their finance – in charities with royal founders and patrons? There are, no doubt, a variety of answers and some might not …

Charles Stewart Mott Foundation announce Ridgway H White as CEO

19 November 2018
Alliance magazine

Ridgway H White has been appointed CEO of Charles Stewart Mott Foundation after William S White officially retired from the position of chief executive officer. William S. White will be …

Litigating for social change: what can funders learn from global experience?

18 November 2018
Steven McCaffery

Strategic litigation can be a powerful tool for positive social change, but when is it the right investment for philanthropy? A new book draws on the international experience of successful …

Muslim philanthropy comes of age

Editorial 1 Charles Keidan 4 September 2018

Unlocking a huge untapped potential for giving There is general agreement that we don’t know as much as we’d like to know about Muslim philanthropy, a phenomenon broadly defined as …

Muslim philanthropy at the crossroads

Special feature Tariq Cheema 4 September 2018

The successful melding of new models of giving with practices embedded in Islamic tradition has the potential to reap rewards for society on a global scale Today, there are an …

The untapped potential of Muslim giving

Special feature 1 Yunus Sola 4 September 2018

A bold future beckons for the worldwide impact of Muslim philanthropy if the Islamic community has the determination to answer some urgent questions Almost a quarter of the world’s population …