How has philanthropy changed (or not) in emerging markets?

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Alliance magazine and global infrastructure network WINGS came together for their first joint webinar of the year.

This webinar was an opportunity for finalists of the Olga Alexeeva Memorial Prize – and therefore recognised leaders in emerging market philanthropy – to gather for an informal conversation, sharing their personal journeys with the rest of the global philanthropy sector.

Speaking on this topic were Lucia Dellagnelo, Head of the Centre of Innovation for Brazilian Education (CIEB) and recently re-elected president to the board of Instituto Comunitário Grande Florianópolis (ICOM); Bhekinkosi Moyo, Adjunct Professor at Wits Business School to establish a new Africa Centre for Philanthropy and Social Investment; Natalya Kaminarskaya, Director of Blagosphera and Pushpa Aman Singh, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at GuideStar India. This event was chaired by Jenny Hodgson, Global Fund for Community Foundations.

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Watch the full webinar below:

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