Facing disruption together: what can be learned from Covid’s impact

Elisa Peter

The strongest response to a crisis is a collective one, with agility and strategic reflection at the forefront – and this means funders, too

We had just finalised our global Vision 2025 strategy at Publish What You Pay – an organisation dedicated to holding extractive industries to account – when Covid-19 shifted the ground under our feet. Would our carefully drawn-up strategy still be fit for purpose in a world remade by the coronavirus?

PWYP 2019 Global Assembly in Dakar, Senegal. Photo: PWYP

As an international movement with members ranging from small grassroots organisations to large international NGOs, we knew that our strongest response would be a collective one. That way we could all benefit from the rich, diverse expertise in our network. We knew many of our members, partners and donors were being forced to rethink their strategy and opening up this process meant that they could all gain insight from it.

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