Fake news and philanthropy

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Welcome to the sixth Alliance audio.
This is the latest in a new series debating key issues in philanthropy with guests from across the foundation world.

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In the sixth Alliance audio podcast editor Charles Keidan hosts a discussion with Patrice Schneider of Media Development Investment Fund and Lisa-Maria Neudert of the Oxford Internet Institute.

Our December 2017 issue took an in-depth look at the growing relationship between philanthropy and the media, guest edited by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Miguel Castro. In a provocative article entitled ‘Mutually Assured Survival’, Castro set out the reasons why philanthropy and the media don’t just work together. They need each other to survive. He argued that a strong and well-resourced media is at the heart of a free society which in turns is essential for the well-being of philanthropy, not to mention democracy itself. Assuming that the health of our media really matters, then it follows that philanthropy has a responsibility, some might say a duty, to help restore trust foster new and sustainable models of journalism in the public interest.

So should foundations be doing more in the media sphere and what exactly should they be doing about fake news?

To discuss these questions, Alliance audio was joined by two influential practitioners; Patrice Schneider and Lisa-Maria Neudert

Patrice is the Chief Strategy Officer and Media Development Investment Fund, and Lisa-Maria Neudert is a D.Phil. candidate at the Oxford Internet Institute, and a researcher on the Computational Propaganda Project both at Oxford University.

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