Memories of a philanthropy pioneer

Wendy Richardson and Leticia Ruiz-Capillas

Leticia (left)and Wendy.

A moving and personal tribute to the late Mott Foundation chairman, William S. White, from colleagues and friends Wendy Richardson and Leticia Ruiz-Capillas

The red and blue flashing lights in his review mirror – no doubt those of a Brussels police car – were unmistakable. His stomach sank as he dutifully pulled the car over. Gerry Salole, European Foundation Centre (EFC) chief executive and driver of the vehicle in question, rolled down his window, to be promptly lectured on how he had just driven the wrong way down a (quite visibly signposted) one-way street. In his defence, Gerry did know he was making an illegal turn. However, he had been trying to follow a car full of EFC staff (driven by an author of this piece… but we won’t name names) on their way to an evening reception.

Bill listened to us, and many other young people finding their way in the world of philanthropy, before it was trendy or ‘the thing to do’.

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