New report calls for shifting the paradigm of the common good

Judith Symonds and Julie Fry

Of the many global crises we face, which do you address first? And how do you deal with the complexity each one of them poses? Is philanthropy helping, or does it need a redesign? Does it indeed pursue the common good?

In search of answers, the Pursuit of the Common Good (PCG) initiative conducted a survey of more than 50 experts from around the world on their perceptions of the common good and philanthropy. The results of this ground-breaking survey – the first of its kind on this subject – are presented in the PCG’s 2024 report, A New Paradigm for the Common Good

Survey locations, page 15 A New Paradigm for the Common Good

The report includes commentary and analysis by leading scholars and philanthropists, including Bruce Sievers of Stanford University, Hafsat Abiola of Women in Africa, and Shiv Someshwar of Columbia University and Sciences Po Paris. The survey participants – representatives of foundations, civil society organisations, business and academia from 21 countries – were presented with a list of open-ended guiding questions and then interviewed individually for deeper exploration.

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