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In the eighth Alliance audio podcast, Charles Keidan discusses what it means to conduct philanthropy ‘at scale’ with Rakesh Rajani of Co-Impact and Donzelina Barroso of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors.

Not content to simply fund projects, activities or organisations, some of today’s philanthropists have much bolder ambitions. They want to shift the systems which cause social problems to exist in the first place. Systems-change philanthropy, as it is known, is linked to a more strategic or catalytic approach associated with building partnerships across sectors and leveraging resources with the aim of creating maximum social impact.

Listen to the whole episode below!

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Fabio Deboni

Congratulations for this great podcast. So many relevant questions were tackled: peer pression and peer to peer learning, etc.... Why not encourage more south-south collaboration with some support from the developed north? In latinamerica (specially in Brazil) there issues are growing, but there is a huge space to shake local foundations to reprogram their mindset and their opperation models.

Nancy MacPherson

Congratulations to Rakesh Rajani and the Co-impact team at the Rockefeller Foundation for their commitment to a listening and learning, collaborative, user-driven approach to monitoring and evaluation, instead of the usual top-down accountability metrics imposed on grantees, partners and constituents. If Co-Impact succeeds in resourcing and genuinely implementing this approach (with field partners, grantees and constituents) they will be among a handful of Foundation leaders who actually ‘walk the talk’ in reversing the asymmetries of power, voice and agency in learning what works. We should do everything possible to help them succeed in stepping up to this long overdue leadership role in philanthropy and development. Nancy MacPherson, Advisor, South to South Evaluation Initiative (S2SE) and former Foundation evaluation director.

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