Where next for Alliance?

Charles Keidan and David Drewery

Ambitious future plans will ensure that Alliance continues to develop its role at the heart of global philanthropy

As with most small charities, a lot of Alliance’s strategies over the last 25 years have focused on the short and medium term. Back in 2019, at the encouragement of our trustees, we first began to develop plans for our long-term future – mapping out our vision for Alliance’s role at the heart of global philanthropy in 2030. Since then, despite the pandemic and despite challenges facing media in general, Alliance has continued to grow, successfully increasing readership, resources and staffing.

Our core charitable mission will always be at the heart of what we do – to facilitate the exchange of ideas among people in philanthropy working for social change worldwide.

Today, we have ambitious future plans in place to expand our coverage, provide a platform for those working in all regions and build our team to meet and serve the needs of both our readers and the wider global philanthropy sector.

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