$1.4 million Active Communities Fund launched in Mexico to address effects of COVID-19


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Comunalia, the Alliance of Community Foundations in Mexico, and the Coca-Cola Foundation have partnered to launch a 32 million Mexican pesos ($1.4 million USD) Active Communities Fund that will work to address the effects of the COVID-19 crisis through promoting economic and social revitalisation in Mexico.

The Active Communities Fund seeks to strengthen the actions that both community foundations and civil organisations are implementing when it comes to issues such as access to water, humanitarian aid, support for small businesses, and the advancement of youth and women. The Fund will focus its efforts of 14 states in Mexico that have been particularly impacted.

‘Among the strengths of Community Foundations, their role as network-builders, and their ease for establishing alliances with different actors for the construction of local solutions the regeneration, and the stability of their communities stand out. Furthermore, the collaboration with the Coca-Cola Foundation is an opportunity to strengthen them at this critical moment,’ said Agustín Landa, president of Comunalia.

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