$2bn in grants over 2021 from world’s largest community foundation


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In 2021, the United State’s leading community foundation, the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, awarded $2.27 billion in grants to nearly 6,000 nonprofits and community organisations supporting education, youth and community development, health, public safety and other important community issues. The sum is a more than 20 per cent increase on 2020.

In 2016, the Silicon Valley Community Foundation adopted a new strategic plan, guided by a vision of an equitable, economically secure and vibrant future for all residents in Silicon Valley. Since then, the foundation has been working with donors to promote effective philanthropy with a focus on local giving.

‘At the start of 2021, we were determined to build on the progress we’d made in 2020 toward lasting change in our communities,’ said SVCF President and CEO Nicole Taylor. ‘We were deeply humbled to see that with our new grantmaking strategy in place, a refreshed focus on equity and our efforts to encourage more local giving by our donors, the foundation granted record-breaking amounts of money to vital community organizations. This is the kind of impact we want to continue to have.’

The vast majority of grants distributed by SVCF come from ‘advised funds’, including donor advised and corporate advised funds established at the community foundation by individuals, families and companies. Advised funds allow donors and companies to support charitable efforts locally, nationally, and internationally.

SVCF also makes discretionary grants from its own community endowment funds; these are staff-directed and board-approved and support nonprofit organizations serving the residents of San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. SVCF is committed to serving its neighbours through initiatives focused on supporting local leaders and organizations that prioritize racial equity and social justice.

‘As we continue through the pandemic and work to build more resilient communities, SVCF is devoting our energy and resources to organizations that are helping their communities build the power, agency and voice to create movements that inspire real change,’ Taylor said.

Silicon Valley Community Foundation has also recently brought on new appointments, including two new additions to its Board of Directors and a new Executive Vice President of Donor Engagement and Corporate Responsibility.

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