A perfect match: Clarence Foundation merges with Foundation for Sustainable Development


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The California-based Clarence Foundation has just announced that it is about to merge with another Californian organization, the Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD). There is a lot of talk of mergers these days – especially from foundations encouraging non-profits to think about merging in response to the economic crisis. In this case the merger will be between a grantmaking foundation and a non-profit that focuses on helping community-based organizations throughout Asia, Africa and Latin America.

According to Clarence Foundation Chairman Greg Ulrich, this was not triggered by the economic crisis. ‘It was just what we felt was in the best interests of both organizations. We would have done this even in a healthy economy. Of course, the state of the economy only makes the case for this move stronger.’

The Clarence Foundation is best known for its giving circles model, whereby it organizes groups of donors who pool their time, talent and resources to learn and make international grants together. FSD for its part works with over 200 community organizations and connects donors, volunteers and interns with those organizations to provide financial assistance, technical support and capacity building.

As Greg Ulrich explains, ‘Our missions are very closely aligned, which makes us a natural fit. Our capabilities are complimentary (FSD does a lot with placing volunteers and interns at community based organizations, and Clarence provides funding to those same organizations). Working with FSD’s 200+ community organizations will provide a great outlet for our giving circles.’

It seems that all the Clarence Foundation’s programmes and services are going to be maintained within FSD. ‘You can think of Clarence as becoming a “project within FSD”,’ says Ulrich.

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