Alliance Breakfast Club – Philanthropy scholarship and practice: bridging the divide


Halie Dalton


The end of March has brought this month’s Alliance Breakfast Club. This time our panellists and an audience, filled with those from foundations, academia, research as well as those with a keen interest, gathered together to discuss bridging the divide between philanthropy scholarship and practice.

Chairing the discussion was Charles Keidan, editor at Alliance. The panel comprised of Paul Ramsbottom, CEO of Wolson Foundation, Dr Tracey Coule, Research to Practice editor, Non-Profit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly and Sheffield Hallam University and Professor Cathy Pharoah of Centre for Giving and Philanthropy, City University London.

Read a summary of the discussion on the Alliance blog.

Watch the full session below.

Philanthropy and scholarship – bridging the divide – read our March 2017 issue, guest edited by Marta Rey-Garcia.

Lead photo credit: Andrea Schaffer.


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Alan Fowler

For many years, the multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural field of development studies has been debating and looking for ways to practically address issues stemming for the interface between and often false dichotomies of engagement between academics and practitioners. A 'pracademic' approach is alive and well as I go about establishing the Chair in African Philanthropy at the Wits Business school. As but one example of the expansion of the academy into the world of philanthropy, I am drawing on experiences voiced and analyzed at annual meetings of the Development Studies Association of the UK and Ireland, as well as other forums, seen in a Hauser Center publication on the topic in 2001. It has been encouraging to see that the too often self-referential tendencies of foundations are giving way to a more outward looking stance. Here is another opportunity to do so.

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