Alliance magazine: Supporting the ‘best’ or the small and new? How to ensure value for money?


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Mari Kuraishi

GlobalGiving aims to catalyse a global market for ideas, information and money that democratizes aid and philanthropy. Co-founder and president Mari Kuraishi says that their challenge is to ensure that each dollar counts. In the latest free article on the Alliance magazine website, Kuraishi outlines two of the fundamental beliefs that GlobalGiving is based on and looks at how they have upended their theory of change to become more effective.

Identifying the tensions between supporting the ‘best’ organization and supporting small, new, local organizations without a track record, the article considers the ways in which Global Giving ensures value for money. With examples of the results they achieved from opening up their referral system, Kuraishi details how this has helped them to reach social entrepreneurs who were not yet in the limelight but still doing valuable work.

We can’t promise that every social entrepreneur on GlobalGiving is a future Ashoka Fellow. But we also don’t want to stand by while we watch the roulette wheel spin. Increasingly, we believe we can maximize our chances of supporting a future Nobel Peace prize winner today by giving them access to a set of tools and enabling them to learn. We are developing tools for every social entrepreneur in our community to track their performance and to learn from peers. And because we are a funding platform, we can structure a series of incentives for those organizations that engage in behaviours we associate with learning.”  Read more >

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