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At £46 billion each year, philanthropy spends more on health-related causes than anything else. As the Covid-19 pandemic intensifies, philanthropy has provided critical funding of vaccine development, medical equipment, mutual aid, social welfare, and global health infrastructure. But how the largest foundations interact with governments, international bodies and pharmaceutical companies is the subject of intense debate.

An expert panel discuss these ideas at an Alliance magazine webinar on 10 December at 15:00 BST.

To mark the publication of Alliance’s new issue on global health philanthropy, this webinar will explore whether money for global health is going to where its most needed, and who gets to decide. Some of the questions include:

  • Who are the most significant funders of global health and how do they operate?
  • Has global public health been neglected at the expense of medicine?
  • What can philanthropy do to stand up for international co-operation and solidarity?
  • Should philanthropy prioritise neglected areas such as mental health and sexual health?
  • Does the global health philanthropy sector need to undergo a process of decolonisation?

The panel will include:

  • Julia Greenberg, Open Society Foundations and guest editor of Alliance’s December issue
  • Aggrey Aluso, Open Society Initiative for Eastern Africa and guest editor of Alliance’s December issue
  • Steven Allen, Validity Foundation
  • Charles Keidan, Alliance magazine (Moderator)

The webinar is free to join. Register and submit questions here.

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