Ariadne publish 2019 forecast for European social change and human rights funders


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Ariadne Netowrk have published the 2019 Forecast for European Social Change and Human Rights Funders which profiles how social change, human rights and philanthropy has changed over the past five years.

The Ariadne Forecast is a community created resource that draws on Ariadne’s network of more than 578 funders in 23 countries. Ariadne participants and others were asked six questions about trends in their field for 2019.

Ariadne Director, Julie Broome discussed some of the findings in her recent blog post: ‘Overall, philanthropy for social change and human rights has become more sophisticated, with a greater recognition of the interconnectedness of issues and a desire to get to the root causes of social problems rather than just addressing the symptoms. Discussions about “shifting the power” have also become more prevalent in recent years; donors are thinking seriously about how they can bring beneficiaries more directly into their work, whether through participatory grantmaking practices or other methods. Similarly, donors are placing more value on lived experience when recruiting for staff and board positions.’

Perspectives were in collected surveys and interviews from members across Europe and forecast meetings were held for funders in Paris, London, Milan, Leiden and Berlin to discuss and add to the findings. It is estimated that around 189 people contributed to the forecast.

Read the forecast here:

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