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Kamala Chandrakirana

Special feature Kamala Chandrakirana, Shaheen Anam and Ambika Satkunanathan 4 June 2019

Community philanthropy

In situations where violent conflict is imminent or endemic, the best place to foster peace is in local communities. Members of the Foundations for Peace Network report from Indonesia, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka Indonesia Striking …

Opinion Kamala Chandrakirana 6 March 2018

Resourcing for women’s rights: an Indonesian crossroads

The struggle to end violence against women is a long-term agenda that requires a whole-system approach supported by meaningful and sustained resourcing. The journey is a long and winding road on all counts. In 2011, …

Special feature Kamala Chandrakirana 5 September 2017

Indonesian philanthropy must embrace the country’s diversity 

For Indonesia, ‘unity in diversity’ has necessarily been a core principle of nation building and the capacity to manage diversity a matter of survival. With a population of 250 million, Indonesia is the largest Muslim-majority …