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Alisha Miranda

Opinion Alisha Miranda 26 July 2017

Corporate funding for girls – put your money where your mouth is

If one were to look at funding girls as a means to accelerate development as a line graph, the inflection point could be pinned to 2009 when the Nike Foundation, among others, produced their Girl …

Opinion Alisha Miranda 4 November 2016

Fantastic clients (and where to find them)

My worst client experience ever was many, many years ago, when I was a green consultant fresh out of graduate school and desperate to do a great job. Our client, a small medical company, had …

Opinion Alisha Miranda 20 May 2016

In defence of the corporate foundation

It’s easy to see how the corporate foundation has gone out of fashion. In many ways it seems a relic, conjuring up an image of corporate fat cats smoking cigars and deciding the best way …