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Alison Bukhari

Opinion Alison Bukhari and Dasra 31 July 2012

Collaborating internationally to empower Indian women

As a philanthropy advisor in the UK with a focus on India, I have had a difficult year listening to the growing opinion that we should scale back our philanthropic funding to a country with …

Opinion 1 Alison Bukhari and Dasra 30 May 2012

Support infrastructure for social enterprise – persuading the investor to be more entrepreneurial

Re-envisioning capitalism is a constant theme at the moment. As the global economy continues to reel from a financial crisis that seems to have no end in sight, people are starting to question what ‘traditional …

Opinion Alison Bukhari and Dasra 16 March 2012

Developing Indian philanthropy to reduce overseas development aid

As someone who spends their working days (and the hours either side) thinking about India or directing strategic capital to high-potential social entrepreneurs in the sub-continent, I feel I have to respond, albeit a little …

Opinion Alison Bukhari and Dasra 31 January 2012

Cardinal knowledge: creating a philanthropy bridge

Whether or not you believe in using cardinal points to describe developed and emerging countries, whether here in London we are in the North or the West, whether India is the South or the East, …

Book review Alison Bukhari and Dasra 1 December 2011

The Social Entrepreneur’s Handbook: How to start, build and run a business that improves the world

Sitting here in Mumbai having spent a few days last week facilitating Dasra’s skills-building programme for social entrepreneurs, Dasra Social-Impact, it seems an apt time to be reviewing The Social Entrepreneur’s Handbook. Rupert Scofield’s book …

Analysis Alison Bukhari 1 December 2010

Supporting Indian social entrepreneurs with ‘more than just money’

Philanthropists and social sector leaders exist in a vicious circle. Social entrepreneurs on the ground are so caught up in running their day-to-day operations that they have very little time to put their head above …