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Analysis Birger Stamperdahl 30 April 2018

Trust, risk and power dynamics in India’s philanthropy

The non-profit sector in India is perhaps unlike that of any other country. By many accounts, the sector is massive, made up of hundreds of thousands of registered groups ranging from neighbourhood associations to well-organized …

News Birger Stamperdahl 28 February 2013

New regulations add to international grantmaking toolbelt

Shortly after 9/11, the US Government introduced a series of anti-terrorist funding regulations that had the effect of making international grantmaking more cumbersome and expensive for grantmakers. More than a decade later, new regulations introduced …

Opinion 1 Birger Stamperdahl 16 October 2012

Investing in the future of China’s emerging foundations

With the implementation of the 2005 Regulations on Foundation Management, the Chinese government established regulations that enabled corporations and private individuals to create philanthropic foundations. As a result, China is now home to about 2,600 …

News 2 Birger Stamperdahl 27 October 2011

Two organizations merge to better serve Asian philanthropy’s evolving needs

Asian philanthropy has grown dramatically during the past decade, attracting considerable attention both within Asia and globally. Previously of interest primarily to a small number of advocates and researchers, the growing scale and the promise …

Analysis Birger Stamperdahl 1 December 2004 For Subscribers

US charities propose alternative to Treasury Guidelines

Following the September 11 terrorist attacks, the US Government took a number of steps to tighten rules governing international financial transactions, philanthropic grantmaking, and other resource flows from US-based charitable institutions. These included Executive Order …

Special feature Birger Stamperdahl 1 December 2001

Beyond Bali – APPC’s developing agenda

When the Governing Council of the Asia Pacific Philanthropy Consortium (APPC) met the day after the conference in Bali in July, they faced a formidable task: looking at APPC’s future programme directions in the light …