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Bruce Sievers

Opinion Bruce Sievers 1 September 2006

Questions reporters should have asked about the Buffett donation

Warren Buffett’s recent announcement of his intention to give most of his fortune (some $30 billion) to the Gates Foundation generated a spate of laudatory press coverage. While few would disagree that Mr Buffett’s donation …

Opinion Bruce Sievers 1 June 2006

Miserable measurables

One of the most frequently heard words in the foundation world these days is ‘measurable’, as in ‘We want to know the measurable outcomes of our grants’. It seems like a reasonable enough request on …

Special feature Bruce Sievers 1 June 2002

Non-profits in ventureland

Venture philanthropy’s attempt to apply venture capital investment principles to social problem-solving has exerted strong appeal to the foundation world during the past few years. I do believe there are important lessons for the non-profit …