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Carolina Suarez

Conference reports Carolina Suarez 29 April 2017

Philanthropic commitments around political scenarios

I am back in Colombia after participating during four energetic days at the Annual Conference of the Council on Foundations -Leading Together 2017 – where we had the opportunity of introducing the work that from …

Analysis Carolina Suarez 29 November 2016 For Subscribers

How corporate foundations in Colombia can contribute to a lasting peace

After more than six years of talks between the government and the FARC, the oldest and most violent guerrilla insurgency movement in Colombia, we are facing a historical moment. The narrow failure of the plebiscite …

Conference reports Carolina Suarez 10 May 2016

ICSW2016 – Recovering trust in philanthropy

During the CIVICUS International Civil Society Week – ICSW2016, held in Bogota, Colombia, I had the opportunity to participate in the session led by Jenny Hodgson: “Rethinking the resourcing of civil society: Local philanthropy’s role in …

Special feature Carolina Suarez 11 March 2016

Corporate foundations tackle internal displacement in Colombia

In December 2014, for the second consecutive year, Colombia had the unenviable distinction of being a country with one of the highest number of displaced people in the world: 6.5 million out of a total …

Special feature Rob John, Carolina Suarez, Firoz Ladak and Volker Then 1 September 2015

The next decade of impact investing

Impact investing is creating great excitement in development circles, with breathtaking figures about its potential size and impact bandied about. At the moment, though, its effect is anticipated rather than actual. Will it achieve its …

Opinion 1 Carolina Suarez 13 May 2015

Working with the Post -2015 Partnership Platform to achieve social transformation

Nowadays the contributions made by corporate and family foundations in achieving social transformation in Colombia are undeniable. At the Association of Corporate and Family Foundations (AFE) in Colombia, we have identified that to achieve social …