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Special feature Carolyn Hayman 1 September 2013

Local First: The ‘soft franchise’ approach

There’s a new phenomenon in philanthropy that would hardly have been recognized 15 years ago: the belief that the best way to support development is to find what works and then roll it out big …

Letter Carolyn Hayman 1 December 2012

Who are the real risk takers?

Recent articles in Alliance, including Adrian Sargeant and Rob Garris’s  ‘Balancing risk and opportunity’ in the September issue, raise the question: who are the real risk takers in philanthropy – the people who are prepared …

Letter Carolyn Hayman 1 September 2009

In support of John Sommer

I very much enjoyed John Sommer’s article about building organizations rather than funding projects. This is very much the approach that we take at Peace Direct – finding small local organizations in the field of …