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Cheryl Chapman

Opinion Cheryl Chapman 8 March 2017

How women are changing the face of giving

It has taken centuries, but women are finally being recognised for their philanthropy. Melinda Gates, Priscilla Chan and Pam Omidyar all get a name check in the title of the foundations they share with their …

Opinion Cheryl Chapman 1 February 2017

Power shift marks a new age of philanthropy

Philanthropy – private wealth for public good – has never been more important than it is now. Local authority budgets have been slashed, and demand for charitable services is increasing. While philanthropy will never be a …

Opinion Cheryl Chapman 12 March 2015

Quicker up the philanthropy learning curve

How long does it take to become a high-performing philanthropist? Doug Balfour, CEO of Geneva Global has been advising major donors for 25 years on projects in developing countries, and believes ‘there are no natural …